We have mastered custom hemp wick.

Go through step by step below.

Go through step by step below.

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Custom Wick
Custom Hemp Wick Roll White Label


Many hemp wick brands tell their customers, for example, that their “Stand wick” is 2mm in thickness. However, yarn spinners in Europe do not go by the “measurement” of “thickness”. Instead it is more calibrated.

There are generally two systems of yarn measurements used in Europe. The Tex and Number Metric (NM) are two different systems for measuring yarn thickness or fineness. They are both widely used in the textile industry, but each system measures yarn thickness differently. Here is a brief explanation of each:


Typically we deal with TEX as our form of measurement. We have any different TEX yarn sizes that we can provide. In fact we use TEX80 yarns for making webbing. We use TEX1200 to create hemp wick that is 2mm in thickness.

TEX1200 hemp wick burns at a very slow rate. 10 Feet takes one hour to burn vertically. Hemp wick that is 2mm in thickness has a good balance of yarn to wax. It’s not so thin that it burns too fast, but it is also not so thick that the ember smolders needlessly when the wick is extinguished. Again, we will make your hemp wick to your specifications. At the end of the day, the customer is always right. The thicker the wick the slower it burns.


The next thing to consider is the style in which you want your hemp wick made. We can offer many styles, both hand and machine wrapped. We have even build custom machines for wrapping certain styles if the need called for it. We want to be efficient but we will never ever full automate the production of hemp wick making and packaging. The human touch ensures the quality of the final custom hemp wick product.



Once we have determined the thickness of the wick and the style of the wrapping the next step is packaging. Packaging can be broken down into a few steps.


For us the label is important but we have also produced “label free” hemp wick for clients. The shape of the label is determined by the shape of the hemp wick product. Once we create a manufacturing prototype of your hemp wick we will determine a few different possible shapes for the hemp wick.


Your box can serve a few functions for your hemp wick. Not only does it draw the attention of the customer with good branding, but it also protects the hemp wick from dust and damage during display and shipping. Hemp wick balls can be put in a box that also double as a dispenser for it.

Boxes can also be point of purchase (POP) displays that hold multiple units. The shape of your display is determined by the product shape and number of products per display.

We do offer for print and packaging service both digital and offset print.

Custom Box Dieline


The artwork is a big deal! Obviously. Once we have determined the label size and shape, as well as the display size and shape then we will give you a template for the wick and a dieline for the box.

The template for the wick will normally have a space were there cannot be any art because of overlap for glue or staples. The dieline for the box is very specific and shows were the cartons will be cut, perforated and bent. Normally some back and forth is needed to get this all perfect.

Too much language on a box or a label is not usually a good thing. If there is too much text on the label then it’s hard to read.


Barcodes are very important if this product is going to be sold at retail stores and or be stored in warehouses (like Amazon or other distributors).

Each thing needs it’s own unique barcode. The product has one, the display has one and the “mastercase” has one, and they are all unique.


In the case of multiple units going in a purchase display we always plastic wrap the display in shrink foil (it’s eco foil), this protects the display and the units when they are being picked and packed further down in the supply chain. 

Product Unit > POP Display > Mastercase > Pallet. That is the possible build up of your final product.


The mastercase is determined by the shape of the display box. Typically mastercases has displays in them in multiples of 5, 10, or 12. The unique barcode on the mastercase will serve as an inventory mechanism in the warehouses further up the supply chain.

When determining the shape of the mastercase there are 2 factors: Mastercases per row on a pallet and the number of displays in the box.

It’s possible that we can provide your brand with personalized mastercases that show warehouses all of the needed info: barcode, brand name, product name, units per mastercase, gross weight, net weight, country of origin, etc.

In cases where custom mastercases are not economical we secure custom labels to the boxes with water-based glue.


As mentioned before the mastercase size determines the number of cases per row on a pallet. “Palletization” must be done in such a way that it is stable during shipment. We take extra precautions and also secure the pallets with shipping bands. The pallet is also wrapped in black stretch wrap and labeled on all four side of the pallet with placards to show the contents of the pallets.

Pallets have a height limit of 2 meters. Also depending on the shipping destination we would use Euro pallets or American sized.


If you have any questions please reach out to michael@naturalmaterials.eu